Shamassy Angela Weaver Memorial Scholarship

Hellenic College has established a $10,000 scholarship for homeschooled students in memory of Sh. Angela Weaver. The Shamassy Angela Weaver Memorial Scholarship will be awarded to one student entering Hellenic College who graduated the previous semester from a government-accredited homeschool. Sh. Angela Weaver is remembered through her life defined by love as a staff member of St. Emmelia Ministries Orthodox Christian Homeschooling.


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Characteristics of the scholarship recipients that emulate those exhibited by Sh. Angela Weaver:

1. High academic achievement

2. Strong service ethic

3. Devotion to family and the Church

4. An aspiring spirit for purposeful, professional vocations

Sh. Angela is remembered through her life defined by love. Exhibiting love for neighbor, the Lord, His Church, and all those in her life, she engaged with people with a spirit of service and sacrifice. Her fondness for children and teaching was showcased in her teaching music and literature, inculcating a love for these subjects in her students. She radiated cheerfulness, loved to smile, was imaginative and creative, and was always on the lookout for ways to be more efficient and organized. Many received inspiration to be courageous from seeing her. Through the Shamassy Angela Weaver Memorial Scholarship, Hellenic College hopes to assist in the spiritual and educational formation of incoming homeschooled students who seek to express the same values as those manifested in the life of Sh. Angela Weaver: love, education, and the life in Christ.

May Sh. Angela’s memory be eternal!