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2022 Kallinikeion Institute 

Monday, May 23 to Friday, June 17

Mon-Fri 9:00-12:00 EST

Mon, Tue, Thu 1:00-4:00 EST

Fri 1:00-3:00 EST

"Language is best learned intensively. The generous support of the Kallinikeion Foundation enables students to learn Modern Greek in a focused and dedicated way for four weeks each year. In addition to their language acquisition, our students are exposed to Greek culture within an international community of online learners. We thank the Kallinikeion Foundation for their investment in our students and their trust in Hellenic College to steward their beneficence."
Dr. Tim Patitsas, Dean, Hellenic College

We invite you to enroll in this online intensive Modern Greek language program offered by the faculty of Hellenic College

The Kallinikeion Institute

The Kallinikeion Institute at Hellenic College Holy Cross is an online, intensive Modern Greek language program, offering three courses (Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced Modern Greek) taught by the HCHC faculty. The 2022 program, which is open to both HCHC and non-HCHC students, will run from Monday, May 23, to Friday, June 17. Each student will earn six credits toward graduation upon successful completion of the ninety-hour syllabus (please see link to the syllabi below).

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Frequently asked questions

How many credits can I learn in the summer language program?
Students earn six college credits in four weeks.

What levels of Modern Greek will be offered?
Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced

Who are the instructors for the Kallinikeion Institute?
All classes are taught by current or former HCHC faculty.

How many students are enrolled in each course?
Classes are limited to 15 students.

Is it possible to audit a course?
Unfortunately, the program cannot accommodate auditors.

What does it cost to participate in the 2021 Kallinikeion Institute?
Tuition is $4,000 but most students receive substantial discounts through the generosity of the Kallinikeion Institute.

Are scholarships available?
Yes, they are available on a first-come, first-served basis.


The Three Course Levels

Beginning Modern Greek
Intermediate Modern Greek
Advanced Modern Greek

Course Objectives

Participants will build skills in conversation, listening comprehension, reading, and writing in Modern Greek
Participants will gain both language proficiency and an appreciation of Greek culture.
All classes are taught synchronously online through CANVAS-integrated Zoom (except for written tests). Six academic credit hours are awarded. 
Program Director: Stamatia Dova, PhD.
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Tuition and Scholarships

Classes are limited to fifteen students. Tuition for those not enrolled at HCHC is $4,000, with some scholarships available on a first-come-first-serve basis. Students enrolled full-time at HCHC are eligible for scholarships, also on a first-come-first-serve basis.

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Appreciating Greek Culture

Participants will gain both language proficiency and an appreciation of Greek culture. We will be exploring Greek culture through language, and we are looking forward to welcoming in our online classrooms a broad range of applicants from diverse geographical and cultural backgrounds.

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Online Classroom

Now in its twentieth year, the program will be offered online in response to the global COVID-19 pandemic.