Religious Studies 

Hellenic College  


"The Religious Studies program serves students who desire to deepen their understanding of Eastern Orthodox Christianity through studies in Scripture, Orthodox Theology, Spirituality, World Religions, Missions, Philosophy, and Philanthropy. Students are challenged to expand their knowledge and deepen their faith, as well as to envision their vocational and professional paths."

-Dr. Timothy Patitsas

Director of the Religious Studies Program

Thank you for your interest in our Religious Studies program at Hellenic College. Contact us below for more information! 

Religious Studies Program

The Religious Studies program facilitates student learning about Orthodox Christianity. The program provides a curriculum in four areas of study: the Bible in the Orthodox Church; Christian Theology and Spirituality; Philosophy, the Anthropology of Religion, and Service; and Liturgical Arts and Culture.


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Religious Studies Courses

Great Christian Thinkers
St. Paul: His Legacy, Life, & Epistles
Christ and the Greek Patristic Tradition
The Old Testament in the Orthodox Church
Religious Education
Byzantine Chant
St. John Chrysostom: His Life, Ministry, & Thought


“The Religious Studies program has taken my relationship with both Christ and other people to new heights, bringing me closer to the Church and its community of people.”

- Religious Studies Graduate


Program Director: Timothy Patitsas, PhD.